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  • Hanneke Raap

What you wish you knew about your iPhone camera

When you are out and about you probably don't always bring your camera along or you might not even have a camera anymore. Since I love making pictures when we are out and about I chose a phone with a great camera and got myself an iPhone 11 Pro.

I love new gadgets and wanted to make sure I got the best out of the camera so I did my research and came across a number of very handy features which I love to use. Some very obvious, others a bit more hidden away. I would like to share the ones that I use the most in the hope there might be a few things that are helpful for you too.

This article is written for people with an iPhone who already know how to take pictures with the iPhone camera

Tip 1. Change Brightness

Most of the time the phone does a pretty good job with the brightness of the picture, however not always. You can very easily adjust this by touching the screen until a yellow box with the sun appears. You can then make picture brighter by sliding up and darker by sliding down.

Top 2. Lock focus

To choose where the phone focusses you can touch the screen wherever you want the focus to be. For a person a good place is to focus on the eyes. The focus area will be highlighted through the yellow box (same as for the brightness setting). If you want to make multiple pictures, you can lock this focus point by holding the focus area several seconds untill the yellow box "AE/AF Lock" appears.

Tip 3. Turn Grid on.

Within photography a very commonly known rule for composing/ framing a picture is the rule of thirds. You divide up your image using 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines as you can see in the picture below. You then place your subject(s) on any of the four intersecting lines and along the four lines themselves. For more information on the rule of thirds see

On the iPhone you can turn on a grid which helps you composing with the rule of thirds in mind. You can turn it on in the camera settings by activating the grid option. You will see grey lines on the screen when you are making a picture.

Tip 4. Zoom

To get closer or far away from your subject you have the quick function available to zoom in (2x) to get a closer look and zoom out (0.5x) to get more in the frame.

Tip 5. Timer

When you want to use a timer so you have a few seconds to organise yourself before the photo gets taken, you can turn on the timer. First you have to open up the settings option by pressing the upward arrow (top middle of screen). Then press the timer button and choose either a timer of 3 seconds or 10 seconds. Cheese….

In this setting options area are not just the settings for the timer but it also gives you other options. Explore and have some fun to see what you can do.

Bonus Tip - Finding your phone

For this blogpost I wanted to add some screenshots but I wasn't able to find my phone. Sound familiar? When someone else is around you just ask them to phone you, however I was alone in my house. When you have another apple device you can try and find your phone with the "Find my…" app.

Your phone will start making a sound and hopefully it is close to you so you can hear.

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