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Are you traveling without your child?

Here is a story i like to share on how I prepared for traveling without my child. When I speak to my family and friends about what I did for my daughter when I was on a trip overseas, they loved the idea and are considering doing something similar when they are away and are traveling without their child.

As a parent you might have to travel without your children for work or just taking a break/holiday without your children. Since I fell in love with humpback whales I have wanted to get closer to them and meet them in their own environment. It was my dream to swim with them in the ocean. This year I had the opportunity to go but I have a three year old daughter. Can I go travel without her? It would mean being away from her for almost two weeks. How is she going to understand how long I will be away for? I wanted to do something for her that made that clear in a very fun and visual way.

I was wondering how to do this and decided to make a calendar where she could see the number of days until I got back. Not that fun right? So what if I include a little gift? That sounds just like an advent calendar, so I dug out the Christmas box and dusted off the advent calendar.

I put a little something into the advent calendar for each day I was away. She is crazy about Frozen at the moment and I found an activity tin which had lots of pieces that I simply divided across the days. For the weekend I had gifts which were tied to activities.

I was looking at which activities based on the things she is learning about at the moment and how to give her these activities. I had a few more ideas on what to do and I ended up making her a little scrap book. For every day that I was away I made two pages I included·

  • A drawing to colour with a little challenge (a maze, guess who, counting, finding shapes)

  • A picture with a love quote

  • A little story/poem

  • An Activity

I was having great fun making this scrapbook and it turned out it was also a wonderful way to prepare myself too. These are a few of my favourite pages.

While talking to friends about this scrapbook, they were sharing how they once brought one of the children's favourite toys on their trip. They would make a photo every day with the toy hidden in the picture. They would then send it and the children had to find it. Just as in Where's Wally. I absolutely love that idea and when on our next childless trip I will give this a go.

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